Africa is today one of the most widely travelled tourist spots in the world. It covers almost the whole globe and abounds in a diversity of ecosystems and habitats. Africa has experienced rapid expansion over the past century and continues to do so.

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Africa contains about two-thirds of the Earth’s surface area and about 60% of its total land mass. Africa is the second-most and second-least populated continent, in terms of total population, at about 30.6 million kilometres2 including adjacent islands. With an area of nearly thirty-six billion kilometres2, Africa accounts for almost a quarter of the Earth’s surface area, or about 16% of the planet’s human population. Africa’s total land mass is about fifteen million kilometres2 which are slightly less than Australia’s; and slightly larger than China’s.

Africa’s most prominent natural landscape is its large number of terrestrial species and many of these can be seen in the Great Apes forest in central Africa. The biggest and most diverse forest on the continent is the Angola rainforest, with a total area of about sixteen hundred thousandha. This gives Africa a wide variety of ecosystems, such as grasslands, woodland and savanna, swamps, and tropical forest. Africa has experienced substantial climate change over recent decades and the effects on wildlife have been extreme, leading to the need for greater protection and management, to ensure the long term survival of many of Africa’s species.

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