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Carrying around currency is not only troublesome but also a source of endless worry especially while travelling. During travel, you need to carry around tickets, bags, and documents; adding money to all that is an extra source of stress. That is why with Emirates Cash Credit Card you can easily move around your money around the globe in just one card.

Perks and benefits:

If you opt for actual money over this convenient mode you will have to make multiple trips to currency exchangers while on the move.

On the other hand, with this card you can avail the choice of 15 currencies and smoothly transition from one to another.

In the old days, misplacing money and getting swiped by pickpockets was a real concern but with PIN-protection your funds will remain safe and secure.

Multiple options:

You can load your card with a few or all of the given currency options. This makes handing cash during international journeys comfortable.

Easy to manage:

This card is extremely easy and convenient to manage; you can access it through various channels including –Emirates online banking, mobile app, phone response services, etc.


You will always know the amount of money in your card and you can reload any time with cash deposit machines, online banking, mobile app or at any Emirates NBD branch. You can deposit balance in dirhams at cash deposit machines. Furthermore, it is accepted at a wide range of ATM’s. You will never have to fear running out of cash at a tight spot.


The card comes equipped with a PIN code for security and 3D chip for safe internet transactions for spending money anytime, anywhere without any hassle. If your card is misplaced or stolen you can contact the bank helpline for securing your funds.

How to apply?

If you are an already existing client of Emirates NBD you can apply for the Emirates Global Cash Credit Card at any of their UAE branches, through their app or through mobile banking.

Visit moneyingulf.com and our team will help you apply for this Credit Card and will also brief you about the benefits and fees and miscellaneous charges involved.

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