A non-salary transfer loan is all you need to get through a financial hard time in Dubai, UAE. Unexpected monetary challenges can pop up at any moment and one does not always have the adequate amount of savings. In such a time, this type of personal loan can help you meet your financial needs that you can easily pay off with time.

Why is this loan useful?

It is not always easy to acquire proof of income or consent of your employer for salary transfer; in such a situation this loan is a godsend.

This hassle free procedure facilitates you in borrowing the amount that you need.

It can be processed promptly without salary transfer and you do not need to bring any guarantors on board or provide collateral. Not all firms allow their employees to opt for the salary transfer method and this route is a way out. It can be repaid easily and you do not have to take out the payment directly as soon as your salary is deposited.

Features and procedure involved:

You can repay the loan amount in up to two years; it features competitive interest rates, and is more convenient for expatriates who intend to take a loan. You can obtain funding rapidly and without any hurdles to fulfill your financial requirements. Whether it is paying for the education or marriage of a child, a new house, a new vehicle, or an unexpected medical expense, this is a convenient method to borrow money. The minimum salary requirement is 3000 AED which is by Emirates NBD bank.

Loan approval from a bank within 24 hours!

Ascertain your eligibility as a candidate for this loan and get the essential documents such as proof of identity, visa documents, residency documents, bank statements, etc processed. Usually the age limit for this loan is 21-60 years and you can borrow amounts till 20 times your salary. All you have do is fill out an application form and the team at will process your request and you will get an approval from a bank within 24 hours! Non-salary transfer loan can be a lifesaver during a financial crisis.

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