Do not let financial constraints come in the way of your dreams and make once-in-a-lifetime occasions memorable without savings. How? By availing easily repayable loan options such as HSBC bank personal loan.

HSBC Bank gives salary transfer loan, non-salary transfer loan, Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Mortgage Loans & Credit Card loan etc. It has low interest rates. Apply Now

In times of financial crunch savings are not always present; one may encounter an unforeseen hospital bill, a sudden university fee or you may need to invest in an attractive business venture.

At times you might not have sufficient money to pay for a new house or car…… in such situations you can borrow money through this financing option.

It has low interest rates and convenient repayment terms. Apply Now

How does it work?

HSBC bank gives both salary transfer and non-salary transfer loan option to its clients. In both option you need to open an account at the bank. You can also move any pre-existing loan to this bank.


  • No extra fee is charged in case of early settlement of loan.
  • Quick and easy processing and convenient approval process.
  • You can top up the loan after six months.
  • You can withdraw high loan amounts. If you are a UAE national you can borrow up to AED 750,000. If you are an expat you can borrow a maximum amount of AED 600,000.
  • The bank does not ask for credit card insurance from its clients for availing personal loan.
  • You can get renewal options for twelve month loans.

Eligibility criteria:

Before applying for this loan there are certain eligibility criteria you need to consider.

You can apply for this personal loan if:

  • As a UAE national, your age must be between 21 to 65 years.
  • For expat residents the age range is 23-65 years.
  • You should have a minimum income of AED 7500.


In case of salary transfer loan, you need to essentially provide proof of permission from your employer, identity proof and salary information. In case of other loans, you need to provide salary information and proof of identity.

All of these intricate details are not easy for a novice to grasp; to avoid any confusion just log onto and take guidance from our team about HSBC bank personal loan. We will facilitate you through the whole application procedure.

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