A wide array of banking options is available for those in immediate need of funds in UAE. Every person has different requirements due to their unique financial situation and background and it may be difficult to ascertain which loan to go for. Luckily, moneyingulf.com provides best guidance in this aspect. Financial crisis can strike anytime and most people are not aware of the sort of loans they should apply for.  PDC loans are a viable option for employees looking for a convenient method to borrow funds in UAE.

How do they work?

Post Dated Cheque personal loans are secured on the basis of post-dated cheques and can be availed by employees working in Dubai in case of a monetary crisis. These are debt consolidation loans. They involve very quick processing and the client receives the amount within a week or two weeks. The application to disbursal time is 4-5 days.


The main attractive feature of this banking method is that it does not involve salary transfer. That is one of the reasons why its approval and processing is so quick and convenient.  Most people opt for this to pay off credit card liabilities that may otherwise result in a bad credit rating. Banks therefore are not concerned with credit history of the applicants. PDC loans offer values and savings when used to pay off credit card debt. Banks do not demand any sort of collateral but ask the client to provide security cheques and deposit them as security to the disbursing bank.

A major drawback of this personal loan is that its interest rate is higher than that of salary transfer loan. So even though it helps the client pay off ballooning credit card debt, it comes with a higher financial cost when the loan has to be paid back.


Banks usually ask the applicant to give three months bank statement while applying. There is no extensive documentation involved and the loan gets approved rapidly.

So if you are looking for a way to get rid of credit card debt this option can be availed but keep in mind the slightly higher interest rate. Visit moneyingulf.com for complete guidance according to your financial history.

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