With recent advancements in the banking sector in UAE, you should not worry about financial challenges. Customers now have an array of options to choose from to fulfill any emergency or crucial monetary need.  Life can unexpectedly present crisis and in such a situation you can avail a personal loan in UAE: it is a sort of unsecured loan with no security against it. Whether you need money for educational expenses, a child’s university fee, a marriage ceremony, a new house, medical bills, or for an entrepreneurial venture; this is a good option to meet your expenditures.

If you avail the assistance of a firm such as that help you draw up a good agreement there is a pretty solid chance that banks will accept you as a candidate.

How Can You Avail This?

These loans are issued based on credit history of the candidate and his/her potential ability to pay off the debt. Most banks offer the option to repay the money in monthly installments over a fixed period of time. Banks in UAE offer flat and reducing interest rates. The applicant is not inquired about the purpose of borrowing money.  Some of the noticeable names among these banks are:

  • Dubai Islamic Bank

  • NBAD Bank

  • RAK Bank

  • Emirates NBD Bank

  • Emirates Islamic Bank

  • Citibank

  • HSBC Bank

  • Union National Bank

Features and Benefits:

The clients are offered various options for self-employed and salaried candidates.

Some offers feature a grace period where the client does not have to pay an installment. It is also called as holiday repayment facility in which one can skip repayment for one-two months and clients are given relaxation. Insurance cover feature can be availed to hedge against exigencies. There are no foreclosure charges and the amount is processed and released rapidly. Salaried individuals can avail top-ups as their income increases.

Thus, in times of a financial crunch, personal loan in UAE is a great option to avail.

The process is fast and you can repay the debt in easy monthly installments. Both salaried and non-salaried individuals can opt for this route.

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