Credit cards are an extremely convenient way to move around with money.

They are safe and secure and you do not have to rush to find the nearest ATM whenever you run out of cash.

They can be used to make online payments easily. Besides all these advantages, banks award bonus and discounts to their customers who use these cards and one of these bonuses is skyward miles.

Skywards Credit Card gives you incredible benefits and features UAE. Emirates Skywards Best Credit Cards to earn Emirates Skyward Miles. The annual fee for this Skywards credit card is also AED 1,500

Popular Skywards Credit Cards in UAE:

Some of the best options for this loyalty program are:

Emirates Islamic Skywards Infinite Card:

This card offers 100,000 sky miles on Emirates as a sign-up bonus and comes with a complimentary offer of Skywards Silver membership.

Emirates Citibank Ultima Card:

According to Citibank this card gives the highest sky miles as bonus in UAE. Customers have to pay an annual fee of AED 3,000 for it. It has a minimum monthly income AED 36,750 eligibility criteria.

Other perks include Skywards Silver membership that gives you extra luggage allowance, check-in on priority basis and seat selection for free.

Emirates Citibank Ultimate Card:

The annual fee for this card is AED 800. You must have at least a monthly income of AED 18,000 to be eligible as an applicant.

Citibank World Credit Card:

Customers have to pay AED 400 yearly as fee for this card. Minimum monthly income of applicant should be AED 12,000.

Skywards Skysurfers:

This is a sky miles offer for children by Citibank. The age limit is 2-17 years and the points can be redeemed on Emirates and fly dubai flights.

You can link your personal account with that of your child by simply logging in to your own miles program account and adding in your child’s details.

Emirates NBD Skywards Infinite Card:

The annual fee for the card is AED 1,500. With this card the customers receive 1000,000 miles as a sign-up bonus. This bonus is given according to spending on the card; the first 35,000 miles are given directly on payment of joining fee.

Emirates NBD SPG World Mastercard:

The annual fee for this Skywards credit card is also AED 1,500.

Visit for details and guidance about all these cards because they usually have unexpected charges. The team at will help you decide on the best option for you according to your financial details.

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